Personal injury (PI) law involves the claim for compensation by people who are injured by the negligent conduct of others. When a person is injured by another, the injured person is entitled to damages (money) to compensate them for their loss. The damages would include several elements, including the following: Medical expense, time loss from work, future wages, property damages, pain and suffering. As a PI lawyer my job is to ensure that the injured person is treated with respect by the civil justice system and obtain a dignified result. Insurance companies are not in the business of treating injured people with dignity. You are not “in good hands with” an insurance company. The insurance company is not there to insure people, they are there to insure PROFIT. My job is to help the innocent party who is injured deal with the professionals on the other side in the insurance industry. My services are paid on a contingency fee basis. That means that I don’t get paid unless my client receives compensation first. The contengency fee makes a PI lawyer accessable to clients who may not have the money to hire a lawyer to represent them in the claim process. There is no charge for an initial consulation to discuss your PI claim. 

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